Mailing List Data

Aiming the target

Data That Hits Your Target

Populus offers compiled, self-reported and response data including consumer postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.  Our compiled masterfile has been enhanced with over 200 attributes that can be cross-matched to create custom micro-target lists, used as selects or flags, or that can be appended to client files. These include attributes in broad categories such as Ethnicity and Language Preference, Income and Net Worth, Homeowner and Home Value, Family Composition, Hobbies and Interests, Donors by Cause, Education Level, Occupation, Political Conservative or Liberal, Shopping Interests by Type, Presence of Credit Card by Type, Vehicle Ownership by Type, Religious Classifications and scores of others including specific sub-types.
All email addresses are 100% CAN SPAM compliant and are verified through a two-step validation process.  In addition, they are screened for spam traps which are automatically removed if found.  Our emails consistently deliver at 90-95% on our email deployment platform platform and our response emails typically produce open rates of 18%-25%.  Because Open metrics may be heavily influenced by other factors beyond the control of Populus (such as the client’s creative, subject line, message text, offer, subject matter, timing and other factors), we do not warrant or guarantee the performance of the data but we do know that our response data performs well across multiple sectors and audience segments from nonprofits to financial investments and other commercial offers.  Our enhanced consumer email data, includes self-reported data, response data and compiled data.