Our world-class email broadcast platform, PopMAIL, was developed specifically for resale of its services by list brokers, managers and agencies to their clients. PopMAIL is private-labeled pushmail platform that gives these resellers the opportunity to provide a new and profitable service to their clients while showcasing their own brand. PopMAIL has true professional level marketing functionality such as A-B testing, merge/purge, database/campaign management, “triggered” events and has been customized with deep reporting modules, content spam scoring, email previews in multiple device and browser views and everything else you’s expect to find on a leading-edge, enterprise-level platform. The latest innovation (coming soon!), an optional adjunct to the PopMAIL platform, is our Secure Owner Gateway. This unique cloud-hosted solution will permit list owners, brokers and managers to rent and exchange lists in a trackable environment with no exposure to unapproved usage or data copying. Both of these technologies are powered by developer Statware, Inc., owned by Populus co-founder Rich Lepoutre. Use the pull-down menu above under “Innovations” to read more about the Secure Owner Gateway. If you would like more information about PopMAIL or Secure Owner Gateway, please email sales@populusdigital.com or Contact Us.