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Email Deployment

Populus brings game-changing innovations to the B2B marketplace. Our world-class email broadcast platform, PopMAILis private-labeled pushmail platform and gives resellers the opportunity to provide a new and profitable service to their clients while showcasing their own brand. PopMAIL is a true professional marketer’s email broadcasting system with robust functionality.  This includes such features as A/B testing,database/campaign management, “triggered” events and has deep reporting modules, content spam scoring, email previews in multiple device and browser views and everything else you’s expect to find on a leading-edge, enterprise-level platform. Populus provides email deployment services to its own clients the cost of which is included with every list rental.

Sender Reputation & Remediation

Through its relationship with American Information Marketing, LLC (“AIM”), owned by Populus partner Tommi Pryor, such innovations as, are offered by Populus. This suite of services works hand in hand with Populus’ email data and deployment solutions including troubleshooting and remediating sender reputation problems, blacklisting and blocking, and aggressive spam filtering that tank delivery, open and click rates and can jeopardize client relationships. Other related solutions include seed lists and inbox monitoring to help determine the ratio of “delivered” emails routed to the spam folder versus the inbox, forensic campaign analysis, best practices audits, training & coaching and spam law compliance assessments (many email marketers are not aware of the compendium of state spam laws and what is and isn’t preempted by the federal CAN SPAM law leaving them vulnerable to fines as high as $16,000 per email sent up to $1 million a day along with other penalties).

Data Hygiene & Email Validation

AIM’s email hygiene solution, Delivery Assurance, increases email campaign ROI by assuring that the emails are fully deliverable. The solution offers email address validation that corrects misspelled and incomplete addresses, verifies top-level domains and pings the inbox to assure that the email address exists on that system. It also offers permission passing to clear remaining undeliverables off the list averaging 95% success rates, and its “SafeSend” spam trap identification and scrubbing. Another solution, ConsumerInsight, a data enhancement solution, optimizes the performance of your data with appended demographic and lifestyle data traits (“attributes”) from the IDEAList masterfile. Users can select the specific traits they would like matched to their name-address records, or they can take advantage of the Consumer Insight data enhancement package which appends up to 25 data elements out of over 200 available to the file that are most relevant to their products or offers. This “industry-first” flat-rate package includes such attributes as age, race, ethnicity, country of origin, language preference, income, net worth, homeowner/renter, marital status/children, education, religion, online access, interests/hobbies and more! With the Consumer Insight-PLUS option, we can also append matching opt-in email addresses and telephone numbers to your file with a solid match rate. The solution can also verify and update email addresses and telephone numbers already contained in your file.