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A Robust Suite of Email Services

Populus offers both turn-key and standalone email products and services including:

Email campaign strategy and planning

Email data (100% CAN SPAM compliant email address lists)Email data hygiene (suppression, validation with or without SMTP handshake, spam trap screening and removal and permission passing) 

Email message copywriting

Email template design and coding (responsive design that auto-sizes to the platform and device the email is being read on)

Email message broadcasting on PopMail, our own world-class deployment platformtracking and analytics

Sender reputation troubleshooting (seed lists, inbox monitoring, soft bounce and black/blocklist monitoring and remediation, best practices audits and training, spam law compliance audits and more delivered in association with our partner American Information Marketing, LLC’s sender services)

For more detailed information, click on PopMail on the Innovations drop-down menu.  PopMail is our world-class emall broadcast platform.