Append Services


Build Your List and Points of Contact

With our Append Service, we match attributes from our masterfile of 170 million+ consumer records to your in-house list of customers, members, subscribers, voters, supporters or donors.  Where we find a name-address match between the two files, we are able to append additional data from our record to your record to make it more complete, to enhance targeting and to provide additional points of contact.  The appended data may include landline and/or mobile numbers, email addresses and more than 200 micro-target attributes ranging from ethnicity to household income to family composition to political party and donor causes to hobbies & interests and more.  Our CAN SPAM compliant email addresses to your postal address list to expand your email marketing program and to add another marketing channel to reach your customers, members, subscribers or donors.

How It Works

The first step is to send us the list you would like us to append to. If you are wanting email addresses to be appended, we validate the email addresses then send a permission pass email out to the email addressees to provide them with an opportunity to opt-out if they prefer that you do not contact them by email.  Once we have the results back, generally in about a week, we return the copy you send us of your list with the additional data attributes you ordered appended to the records we were able to match. If looking to append phone numbers or micro-target attributes rather than email addresses, no permission pass is needed and we typically will b e able to deliver your appended file to you in three to five business days and sometimes even sooner. We also offer reverse-append services whereby you provide email addresses and we attempt to match these to a name and postal address which we then append to your list.  This can be useful to website owners who require only an email address for opting-in but may later want a postal address or phone number for multi-channel marketing and communications purposes. Finally, we can also enhance your entire in-house masterfile by overlaying our entire masterfile over yours  and adding all attributes on our file to yours